Eyebrow trends have seen a lot in the last decades, centuries, even millennia. Be it thick and wild or reduced to a thin line, more or less natural: the eyebrows are always focused and their effects should not be underestimated.

On the face, they not only protect our eyes, but also reveal how they feel through their expressiveness. Needless to say we want to emphasize this important feature.

We will show you which eyebrow shape fits your face, we will reveal the best makeup tips and we will inform you about the latest trends in eyebrows


Eyebrow Style

We have put together everything you need for a perfect eyebrow style. The ideal eyebrow shape for each face.

Many women have the problem of not knowing how to make their eyebrows in the right way they can bring – or how this form should look similar. They pluck too much, too thin, too round.

But the style of the right eyebrow has a big impact on the look of your face. Finding the ideal shape is crucial to give it a perfect frame. When starting, always remember: mother nature knows very well what she defends.

Therefore, look at the shape and length of your natural eyebrows. What eyebrow shape that flatters what face shape more, we tell you here.


Eyebrow shape with angular face

Does it have a square face shape, the eyebrows should be rather flat and without a bow forming – it visually shortens the face a bit and makes it look fuller.


Eyebrow shape with oval face.

If your face is oval, dense, the defined eyebrows with a swing are the best option. They draw attention to the eye and, therefore, support the shape of your face, while too thin eyebrows make the oval faces look rounded.


Eyebrow shape with round face.

A round face flatters the wider eyebrows with an angled and structured turn. As a result, it seems well proportioned and narrower.


Eyebrow shape with a heart-shaped face.

For a heart-shaped face, eyebrows with a smooth, rounded arch are the best, as they make facial features less harsh.


The latest trends in eyebrows.

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Contour of the forehead

The multi-purpose eyebrow pencil includes a light shade, a dark shade, a profiler and an illuminator to create sharp and sharp eyebrows with depth and dimension. Transform shapeless and monotonous eyebrows into defined and outlined eyebrows in an instant. Available in 5 shades to vary to any skin tone and eyebrows.


Make eyebrows: the correct technique

Make your eyebrows fit with an eyebrow brush before pulling them out. Grab a clip with beveled edges: the more tension you have, the better you hold on to fine hairs. Pull the skin tight and the hairs in the direction of growth.

Also make sure to pull between the eyebrows, as they can become careless quickly. Continue moving away from the mirror while starting to check the intermediate result.

This avoids the risk of removing too many hairs. Never touch the top of the eyebrow and maintain the natural length of your eyebrows.


Determine the length of the eyebrow

Place a pin in the nostril and hold it vertically to the inner corner of the eye; At this point, your forehead should start. Then, hold the pen diagonally from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye; There you should finish your forehead.


The perfect eyebrow style

After plucking, you can use the eyebrow brush to shape your eyebrows and fix them with eyebrow gel. If you are tired of fullness or color, you can help with eyebrow dust or a pencil. Be sure to choose a shade that matches the color of your hair.


In short, data on the eyebrows

The eyebrows are very sensitive: if they are removed too often, either by tearing them off, encasing them or placing them with lasers, they often no longer grow.

Even stress can affect the growth of the eyebrows, slow down or even slow down. The eyebrows grow more slowly than other hairs: to grow back, they take three to eight weeks.

In the summer, your eyebrows become stronger, through heat, sunlight and the fact that you are more active. Eyebrows help us recognize people: studies have found it hard to recognize people without their eyebrows.

For a long time, monobrows were the ideal of beauty: while today our eyebrows are almost intertwined, in many cultures (and in some of today) the monobranch was considered a sign of great intelligence and beauty.


Makeup for eyebrows

Some say that eyebrows are the nipples of the face! Make up eyebrows gives our face more expressiveness and is especially interesting for women who have very clear eyebrows. For good looks to work, you should consider these tips!

In contrast to eyebrow tint, eyebrow painting is a way to make your eyebrows more distinctive only until makeup is removed.

When applying makeup, you will also forgive small mistakes faster. After all, everything can be washed easily and quickly again!


Eyebrow makeup – tips and tricks

If you follow these rules, the result of eyebrow makeup will be magnificent!

You need eyebrow makeup:

  • Eyebrow pencil in hair color
  • Eyebrow brush (already included in some eyebrow pencils)
  • Eyebrow gel
  • Measure the eyebrows
  • To trace your eyebrows in the most natural way possible, you must first measure your eyebrows. Take an eyebrow pencil and place it in the nostril. At this point, the eyebrow should begin.

If you hold the pencil from the nostril towards your pupil, you should highlight the highest point of your eyebrow. The end of the eyebrow is obtained by holding the pin of the nostril towards the outer corner of the eye.


Draw eyebrows

Paint the contours of your eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil and also draw the hairs of the eyebrows with the pencil. So you can make brows fuller and darker.

Tip: you should follow the natural contours of your eyebrows and not draw too much. After all, you want to achieve a natural look and not have lightning over your eyes. Now brush the hairs out with the eyebrow brush to soften the color.


Fix your eyebrows

With a gel for eyebrows you can finally fix the hairs. If you choose a gel of color, this will give a more intense tone of the eyebrow.


Eyebrow powder

For a natural look. You can also use an eyebrow powder instead of an eyebrow pencil. These are available in different shades. Apply a lighter powder on the inside of the eyebrow and use a darker powder for the rest of the eyebrow.

This can be combined beautifully with an eyebrow brush and provides a more natural look than with an eyebrow pencil. For brow powder, it is also advisable to use an eyebrow gel to keep the powder throughout the day.


Tight Eyebrows

Immediately after bathing, it is better to tear off the eyebrows. Hot water and steam open the pores. The hairs are easier to remove and the plucking hurts less. Alternatively, you can briefly moisten the skin around the eyebrows.


Natural Eyebrows

For a natural appearance of the eyebrows, depilate the eyebrows well focused in the lower area. The arch of the upper eyebrow remains in its natural form.

Naturally beautiful eyebrows should fit harmoniously on the face, therefore, the eyebrow makeup necessarily in the hair color vow. The

Eyebrow powder is particularly suitable for this aspect, since it is not as opaque as for example. B. is an eyebrow pencil and emphasizes the forehead naturally and softly. With an eyebrow brush, gently apply the powder to the hair.


Perfect eyebrows

For the eyebrows formed and defined, the classic eyebrow product is used: the eyebrow pencil! If you want the preparations to get in shape quickly, an eyebrow pin is the right choice.

With it you can easily fill in the gaps and define the outline. In addition, it is easy to accentuate the arch of the forehead with an eyebrow pencil and extend the eyebrows if necessary.

Very pointed eyebrows should have the exact shape and be combed together. The lost hairs do not conform to this aspect, since the elaboration of the statement is based on a clear and exact contour.

It is best used for eyebrow gel, because the gel corrects eyebrows and soothes unruly hair and gives them a perfect shape.

With a oblique and narrow eyebrow brush and an eyebrow brush, the powder can be gently incorporated into the hair. This turns the eyebrows into reflections of beauty.


Eyebrow filling

  • It was never so easy to draw a precise and fast straight line, with the Brow Filler!
  • Tinted gel for eyebrows
  • With fine fiber hairs
  • Fill the clear areas of the eyebrows.
  • Fixed without flashing
  • With mini brush for smooth and precise work
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